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       卫星通信技术 / Satcom Technology

(原为2000-2001年网络泡沫期间编制的个人网页。正在逐步充实修改中。个人以为,相关内容在介绍卫星通信技术方面,似乎比国内几家卫星公司现有的公司网站还强一些。/ This section is based on my previous website created in 2000. And it is now still under construction in order to include more contents. Personally, I think that the satcom-related technologies in this website seems to be better and more comprehensive than the websites affiliated to the satellite companies in China.

卫星通信基础 / Satcom ABC (试图以最少的篇幅,介绍卫星通信的基础知识 / brief introduction to the basic knowledge of satcom

通信卫星资源 / Comsat resource (国内用户常用的通信卫星资源 / common transponder resource used in China

卫星通信网 / Satcom networks (卫星通信网的各种载波方式、网络结构和通信体制,及其适用对象 / carrier types, network structures and systems, and their applicable objects

链路预算 / Link budget (根据转发器参数作链路预算,对载波参数和地球站设备要求作优化设计 / transponder and carrier specifications, link budget estimation, and the optimization for satcom carrier and E/S equipments

建网开通 / Installation and line-up (卫星网系统设计与地球站建站开通 / system design for VSAT networks, and installation and line-up process for earth stations

干扰与异常 / Interference and anomaly (介绍卫星通信的各种干扰原因,电波传播和卫星工作状态的一些异常现象,及其判断处理经验 / the manifold interferences in satcom, and the anomalies about radio wave propagation and satellite operation

降雨衰耗估算 / Rainfall attenuation (对降雨衰耗等的研究和估算 / the analysis and estimation for rainfall attenuation and other influence

工作频段 / Frequency bands (国际电联为通信和广播卫星所分配工作频段的不同的特点与用途 / to be supplemented, different characters and purposes for the satcom frequency bands assigned by ITUL/S/X-band information New!   Ka-band information New!

轨位资源与邻星协调 / Orbit and coordination (为充分利用卫星轨位和频率资源而做的干扰计算和协调 / the C/I calculation and interference coordination for the sufficient utilization of orbit and frequency resource

中国广播卫星 / China DBS (中国直播卫星的规划轨位、轨位的修改协调、以及可用轨位比较 / the assigned orbital slots for China DBS, filing modification and interference coordination for the slots, and the comparison for the asigned slots

常用数据表 / Useful tables (为设计、施工和维护人员提供的常用速查数据 / useful common data for the engineers in satcom network design, installation, and maintenance



友情参与或吹毛求疵 / Visitor's area (与访问者的交流园地 / the area for exchanging ideas with the visitor

 Who am I? 卫星通信技术/Satcom 技术文章/Articles 科技译文/Translations 其他作品/Others 生命的延续/My family